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Thursday 5 December 2019

Cleveland Clinic Training Video - Psychopharmacology and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Today we look at the progressive end of mainstream medicine’s current take on treating autism, a 45 minute training for doctors treating children with autism, produced by the Cleveland Clinic.

Click on the above link and then on the begin activity box, to start the video.  They even have a quiz at the end.

In the pipeline is a relatively simple post all about dietary autism and a complicated one that tries to apply/simplify genetic models of autism. Sigma-1 receptor agonists will get examined; there is a very interesting Russian one called Afobazole, which I was surprised to see is currently sold on Amazon and eBay.  There are many Sigma-1 receptor agonists (Memantine, Donepezil, Sertraline, Haloperidol, Fluvoxamine etc) but they all have other effects that you likely do not want. Afobazole has a different set of other effects (MT1, MT3, NGF, BNDF, GABAergic etc), but most importantly is reported to be well tolerated and non-addictive.  Afobazole was very recently shown to alleviate cognitive rigidity in an experimental model of ASD.

You might get prescribed Memantine, Donepezil, Sertraline, Haloperidol or Fluvoxamine at the Cleveland Clinic, but there is zero chance of being prescribed Afobazole.

Afobazole also looks potentially interesting for Parkinson's, schizophrenia and anywhere there is ER-stress (Endoplasmic Reticulum stress).  More about ER stress in that future post.