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Monday 8 July 2013

Autism Drug Effectiveness in Comorbidities

The three autism comorbidities that I have chosen to investigate are asthma, high cholesterol and various types of seizure.

Phase 1

The first phase is the easy one.  I just need to see if my autism drugs are proven to be effective in the each comorbidity.  The results really surprised me.

With the exception of bumetanide and asthma, there is a perfect overlap.  Even more surprising, is that another loop diuretic, called furosemide, which is very similar to bumetanide, has been showed to be effective in asthma when given in the inhaled form.

In the case of cholesterol, I am looking at elevated levels in cardiology.  The use of bumetanide in people with heart problems associated with high cholesterol is to reduce blood pressure (anti-hypertensive).

You can check use of my autism drugs in each comorbidity using Google, or just look at the links I selected below.


NAC improves effectiveness of the conventional corticosteroid therapy, particularly in hard to treat cases like current or past smokers. In COPD a severe form of asthma, read:  The role for N-acetylcysteine in the management of COPD

Do statins improve outcomesin patients with asthma on inhaled corticosteroid therapy?

High Cholesterol (cardiac treatment)

NAC raises your good HDL cholesterol level, so lowering your overall cholesterol risk factor.

Statins were primarily developed to lower cholesterol as part of cardiac treatment.
Bumetanide is a loop diuretic and anti-hypertensive drug primarily marketed as a cardiac drug.


 (then click for full version)

Can Statins Lower the Risk for Epilepsy?


Phase 2

The second phase involves understanding each comorbidity and seeing if any of their established treatments can be effective in treating autism.

This will also produce some surprises in the following posts.