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Sunday 6 November 2016

Broccoli Powder without the Taste

In this blog I make a point of not promoting non-generic products, except when they have some special features.  This was the case with sustained release NAC, which does seem to be a much better product than the gelatin capsules.

In the case of broccoli powder and Sulforaphane, there was some testing done that showed most products sold in the US do not actually produce any Sulforaphane.  Small doses of broccoli powder do indeed seem to have a positive effect in some people’s autism and even on insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes.  We assume this is down to sulforaphane, but even that is not certain, there are other interesting substances in broccoli

In the Johns Hopkins research on sulforaphane they use a deep frozen product made in the lab that is not commercially available.  The research was initially in cancer, but does now extend to autism.

We saw in earlier posts that that some broccoli powders have retained the necessary enzymes needed to produce Sulforaphane in your body. You can always add back the enzyme that got destroyed in processing, using Daikon radish, which is similar to what happens in Johns Hopkins lab process.

One producer, whose product I have not used, has come out with a new product that will be interesting to people whose child does not swallow pills and hates the taste of broccoli.

The producer keeps writing to me to tell me that their product produces the most sulforaphane.  What would be nice would be independent testing of several products currently on the market.

·            “Delicious tasting, all natural blend of three of Nature’s most highly-prized plant foods; Pomegranate Juice, Coconut Water and 100% Whole Nutraceutical Grade Broccoli Sprouts”

Their broccoli powder is called EnduraCell and the more child friendly drink is called PomGenex.

You can buy their products in Australia and from their US distributor.

Anyone trying it is very welcome to leave their feedback here.