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Friday 12 April 2013

Help Wanted!!

G.I. Disorders, Epilepsy and M.R.
As was noted in the previous post, there are three large subgroups in autism; call them comorbidities if you prefer.  Taken together, these 3 subgroups must account for the majority of cases in autism.

Since Monty is not affected by any of these three conditions, I am not equipped to research them in the depth they deserve.  If you have an autistic child affected by gastrointestinal disorders, epilepsy or mental retardation, why not participate and combine your own personal experiences, with a review of the research literature;  with Google Scholar it really is not so hard.

Alternatively, anybody with a professional interest in these areas is equally welcome to join in.

Guest Blogger

I will post your work un-edited on this blog.  We can then all help ourselves to apply practical science to solve the puzzle that is autism; the objective being to reverse it and not just theorize about it.
If you are interested, just reply via the comment function.