ASD Facts, Diagnosis & Prognosis


  1. Can you help with getting the word out. I think some children who have autism might have a vaccine injury among other things going on. Our system in the US is set up in a way that doesn't protect the children.

  2. @InfinityBeyondLove. Yes, this has to stop. The vaccines...and they are adding each period more and more units. Fluoride tablets for children. (Ruíned my teeth) The e-numbers, and not to forget television these times.

  3. It is a fight and yet I can see that the individuals pushing these are not seeing the entire picture or refuse to because of influence. The more you fight the more they make your life difficult. I have noticed this pattern. Some doctors want me to explain the reasoning and argue my point and yet I don't see the point of it. If they are not willing to do the research themselves why should I argue it is wasted steam? I have noticed a pattern where I will bring up really good research about therapies for autism and I am ignored by some doctors, I will show them labs and they will talk about how they don't mean anything. If I point out deficiencies in what they order or what I think should be ordered.....problems. I don't know what causes this kind of thinking ......its like a mental block....something where if it is not something they want than it is not valid....or something they are not supposed to do.....


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